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You should love where you work

We value a calm environment, flexibility in when and how you work, and a work life that fully respects your personal life. You can do great, thoughtful work without being a workaholic and our norms reflect that—meetings with a purpose, fewer interruptions, a focus on self-sufficiency, and a mutual respect for our time. We trust you.

We're a distributed company

From day 1 we’ve been fully distributed—it’s not for everyone but it’s baked into how we work and has fantastic benefits for all of us.

We value autonomy and control

We rely on you to take control of your workweek and get things done. We’re all on a team but independence is important too.

We're not Facebook or Google

And we never will be. We strongly value healthy lifestyles, balance, outside interests, privacy, and caring about our social impact.

If this sounds right and you have passions for education and technology, take a look at our current openings or get in touch—we always want to meet likeminded people.

Our (growing) list of benefits

Competitive salary. We're a small company but we stay current on market salaries for new hires and our employees.

Full health, dental, and vision coverage. We pay 100% of your and your spouse's health, dental, and vision insurance premiums, plus we prefund $750 annually into an HRA.

100% of your coworking space. Our remote employees can either work at home or at a coworking space, which we'll cover fully.

Generous vacation time. 3 weeks of paid vacation, all federal holidays, the full week off after Christmas, and flexible personal health days.

401k and a 3% contribution. Everyone gets a 401k and we'll contribute 3% of your salary every year.

40 hour work week. Emergencies can happen but our baseline is a true 40 hour week. No culture of staying late or overworking.

Hardware and software. Computer when you come on and an upgrade every 3ish years. Any work software you need too, of course.

Personal development stipends. We'll cover a class you want to take, conference to attend, or books you want to read.

Paid parental leave. You'll get 6 weeks of paid parental leave and optionally up to 12 more unpaid.

Annual team offsites. We spend a week together every year (when it's safe) in a different city and have some great travel opportunities.

Improve education. Most importantly, contribute to the most significant part of our lives.

We don't have any openings right now

We're not currently hiring but that doesn't mean we aren't interested in getting to know you. We frequently look to friends and interesting people we've met when positions open up—leave us you're info and we'll be in touch!

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