Differentiated Feedback

Improve your entire professional learning system by differentiating feedback seemlessly and easily with TeachBoost.


Timely feedback

Actionable observations

Real-time reporting

TeachBoost Pro is a flexible and customizable tool that allows educators to get or give feedback aligned to their unique instructional model. With TeachBoost Pro, you’ll be able to provide feedback to staff that’s individualized, constructive, explicit, and responsive.

TeachBoost Pro’s real-time reporting and analysis will help you develop professional learning that supports individual-, grade-, school-, or district-level learning and growth goals.

We’re making a huge shift in our thinking and planning for professional learning opportunities. We now think about each educator and what they need, much like we ask teachers to differentiate.

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Your new daily reports

Robust reporting and data visualization tools help educators target and personalize professional development activities.

TeachBoost reports offer aggregate, summary, and individual reporting on observations, professional goals, and performance over time in an easy-to-read and use format. Track the development of a single school or educator, or zoom out to view district-wide trends.

Rubric agnostic platforms

Our flexible, framework-agnostic observation tool, Sketch, fits the processes and practices that are already working in your schools or organization.

Enjoy a seamless transition to a fully customized solution designed specifically for you and your team, with as little or as much out-of-the-box as you want.

Differentiate your feedback

Share relevant resources based on notes, goals, and action plans that you build.

Support teachers so that they can take immediate steps toward improving their practice by creating space for rapid feedback, flexible sharing, and real-time communication.

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