Observation Efficiency

Save time by centralizing the management and organization of your complete observation process.

Schedule visibility

Full customization

Complete centralization

Multi-level tracking

Providing thoughtful, timely, and comprehensive feedback to educators doesn’t have to be slow and time-consuming. Streamline your observation process with TeachBoost Pro and reduce redundancies by having all of the data on one platform.

You can view trends across grade-levels and departments more easily and identify areas for improvement. You and your team will enjoy improved instructional clarity and significant time-savings.

We figured out we are saving at least half a day a week in observations because of TeachBoost. We will never go back to what we were doing before!

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Seamless scheduling

Focus time on instructional expectations and excellence, not back-and-forth scheduling. Administrators, teachers, and staff members gain schedule visibility with TeachBoost Pro’s in-app, integrated calendar.

Now, all meetings, evidence, classroom visits, action steps, and notes are organized by timeline for each teacher, making scheduling and staying on a track a breeze!

Time savings add up

Administrators who use TeachBoost report saving one half-day per week. With intuitive tools like our classroom observation multitool, Sketch, school leaders and teachers report being more engaged and more efficient across the observation process.

Even better: on average, administrators are conducting double the number of observations in half the time.

Build a culture of learning and improvement

Streamline the way you onboard, train, and support new leaders and teachers across a district or school.

The TeachBoost Pro platform and tools will ensure that professional learning opportunities are differentiated so that they meet the needs of both new and long-time staff members.

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