We believe great teachers build the future

TeachBoost is a software company that builds tools to help grow and develop amazing teachers. We want to create the best experience for educators, instructional coaches, and support staff to work and improve together.

Just as important, we believe in building a healthy, sustainable, and socially responsible company along the way.

We founded TeachBoost in the Spring 2012 cohort of ImagineK12, an education technology accelerator now part of Y Combinator. Since our inception we've been focused on building human software that leverages the power of feedback to improve educational outcomes. We've grown into a team of 16, spread out over five timezones, working with almost 600 organizations all over the world.

2012 TeachBoost founded 🎉
November New York HQ opened
September Sketch launches, our second product 🙌
June Series A closes with Cue Ball and The EdTech Fund
October NYC school partners grow to 400
January Eval tools become a suite: TeachBoost Pro
September Our largest city district implementation is now Oakland!
May UK office opens 🇬🇧
July First completely virtual implementation with K12 Schools
May HQ2 opens in sunny San Diego ☀️
August Coach launches in beta
January TeachBoost Coach gets its first customers
October Our first mobile app: Coach launches on iOS! 📱
Summer TeachBoost Video launches in beta as a dedicated video suite
February TeachBoost joins the SchoolStatus team! 🎉

Our team is our greatest strength. Meet the amazing group of teachers, engineers, experts, and strategists that make TeachBoost so special.

Meet our team

We want to help all teachers become great teachers

Our vision is for every student to have an amazing teacher. Our mission is to build and support the best teacher development software to get us there.

As three founders with backgrounds in technology, we started TeachBoost to move the dial in education in the best way we know how: intuitive, human software.

Most software in schools has been designed to be bought, not used every day. We started TeachBoost with our users: principals and coaches who needed ways to be more effective in how they support teachers. We believe in empowering educators, not doing their inherently complex job for them.

TeachBoost makes coaching and teacher development fun, safe, collaborative, and encouraging for everyone involved, and it does it in a way that enhances your existing processes and culture.

Just as important, we're in this for the long haul—we're not here for a quick exit, we want to build a lasting company that's a wonderful place to work. Everyone deserves to work in a calm, low-stress, flexible, and friendly place and we're building that too.

Our values guide us every day

Not just in how we build tools but in how we run our company, who we hire, and how we work with each other and our customers.

Stay curious.

Curiosity touches everything we do, from personal growth to extracurriculars to always trying to understand how something works.

Care about what you do.

Our name is on it and that matters, even if no one else but us sees it.

And how you do it.

Care for our environment, privacy, and security are ends in themselves, not just side benefits or competitive advantages.

Require autonomy.

We trust each other to get our work done and hate micromanaging. Flexibile schedules and independence are critical and go both ways.

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You can also read more about our products and partners, our larger efforts in eliminating our carbon footprint, and our commitment to protecting your data and privacy.

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