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Build a culture of continuous learning through a strong coaching program that supports teacher growth and development.

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Instructional coaching is proven to improve teacher practice and maximize professional development. The key is knowing what’s working and what’s not.

That’s where TeachBoost Coach comes in. Our collaborative coaching tool was built to give teachers, coaches, and leaders a way to reflect on and share the impact of coaching while creating an environment of continuous learning.

Teachboost Coach has allowed me to really streamline my coaching and connect more effectively with staff. I love the fact that I’m able to create goals, schedule classroom visits, and house materials and resources all in one place. The reports enabled me to reflect on how I performed while coaching and better gauge the impact I had on the staff.

Jamie Velasquez, Manchester Township SD

How do you show that coaching aligns with your strategic priorities?

Data helps leaders make more confident, proactive, and informed decisions about how to improve instruction. Each year, school districts make significant investments in professional development, and data is needed to show how coaching maximizes that investment.

School leaders, however, often lack the aggregated data that shows the time, effort, and impact of their coaching program across a district or schools. Without a bigger picture look at the bright spots and growth areas, coaching programs can remain reactive and not strategically aligned with district goals, initiatives, and mandates.

TeachBoost Coach gathers, analyzes and shares data so that leaders have access to the data and stories that show how adult learning activities align with strategic and professional development priorities. With TeachBoost Coach, teachers can track their progress against key initiatives and professional goals over time.

How do you know that your coaches are focusing on the right activities?

A strong coaching program personalizes PD, creating opportunities for reflection that strengthen ongoing teacher learning and growth. Coaches help teachers examine their pedagogy and practice identifying growth areas so that they stay focused on the right activities.

TeachBoost Coach bolsters the coaching process by providing teachers, coaches, and leaders with a way to share the impact of coaching while creating an environment of continuous learning. This powerful, collaborative tool helps coaches build strong and confidential working relationships that support the learning and development of classroom teachers.

How do you know that coaching is having an impact on instruction and student achievement?

The best student outcomes are achieved when educators are fully supported. Coaches play an essential role in creating and sustaining a supportive learning culture where adults are able to collaboratively share their knowledge and experiences with the goal of helping students reach their full potential.

TeachBoost Coach helps districts maximize their professional development investments by creating transparency around coaching activity while maintaining coach-teacher confidentiality.

This collaborative tool lets coaches and teachers focus on what matters most: improving teaching and learning so that every student can experience the highest quality instruction. The TeachBoost Coach interactive dashboard shows how time is spent on specific goals and initiatives, allowing for comparison between instructional effort and student outcomes.

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