Observations & evaluations that are on time and on point

TeachBoost Pro is the first truly flexible platform to give district and school leaders complete confidence that their observation and evaluation plans are carried out with the right frequency and fidelity for every teacher.

Flexibility and customization

Unify your observation and evaluation process onto one platform that integrates with all rubrics, processes, and workflows.

Multi-level analysis

Centralize all of your feedback to easily highlight data and spot trends at multiple levels: educator, school, and district.

Incredible time savings

Manage calendaring, meeting notes, and artifacts for faster and more accurate communications, and save up to half a day per week.

Get a clearer picture

TeachBoost Pro offers a delightful experience and easy-to-use tools that clearly show you the bright spots and growth areas at the individual, department, school, and district levels.

Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming observations 👋

TeachBoost Pro helps leaders efficiently manage the entire observation and evaluation process by offering an intuitive platform that is customized and calibrated to your district's specific effectiveness measures.

  • Align the observation process with your rubrics and district plan.
  • Increase the potential speed and capacity for observations.
  • Create a thread of feedback throughout the year.
  • Optimize teacher engagement in their growth and development.
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Make observations more enjoyable—for everyone

It's no secret that the observation and evaluation process can be tedious and time-consuming. TeachBoost Pro prides itself on offering a more meaningful experience for everyone involved.

  • Leaders see their plan for observations and evaluations turn into action.
  • Principals find greater enjoyment in the process and more overall effectiveness.
  • Teachers enjoy more transparency as they receive feedback more quickly across the year.
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Don't just take our word for it

"With TeachBoost Pro, we can easily identify instructional strengths and weaknesses, allowing administrators to provide feedback that teachers can quickly view and put into action."

—Nick Pillsbury, Ed.D., Senior Manager, Evaluation and Talent Data, Camden City School District

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Turn data into action

You're busy and you might be relying on out-of-date systems to support your observation process which makes it difficult to extract valuable, actionable information. The TeachBoost Pro team will be a long-term partner you can trust to support your process every step of the way.

  • Outstanding end-to-end consultation and support.
  • Implementation, training, and ongoing refinement.
  • Powerful system that evolves with your changing needs.

Our team cares deeply about creating a seamless connection between tactical tools and strategic goals.

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