Legal Contact Information

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We have a few different ways to get in touch with us so that we can correctly route and respond to your questions or concerns. If this is a customer account or technical support issue, please log in and head over to our support page for help.

IP and licensing inquiries or disputes

If you would like to speak to us about licensing your content, or if you feel that your content is being used improperly on our websites or applications, please email us first at with a detailed description of your IP or content, your contact information, and (if applicable) where and how it’s being misused.

DMCA takedown requests

Please review our section on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in our Privacy Policy and follow those steps to get in touch with us.

Requests related to your personal information

Depending on where you live we have separate processes for reaching out to us regarding your personal information. Please review the guidelines in our Privacy Policy and contact the appropriate email or mailing address listed there based on where you live.

You can email us anytime at with questions about our privacy and security practices or how we use and don’t use your personal information.

Contract or invoice issues

If you have a question about your contract, invoice, or purchase order with us, please first reach out to your account manager (if applicable) or contact us at . You may also fax us at +1 (646) 741-5140 or call us at +1 (866) BOOST-68 ext 1.

Media inquiries

We’re always looking for new partners, blog authors, or other colleagues to share and collaborate! If you’d like to work with us in some way, please email our marketing manager, Brad, at with your contact information and what you have in mind.

If you’d like to use something we’ve written or created on your website, publication, or content, please email us at first.

If you’re with a media company and are interested in speaking to us for a news article, press release, or something similar, please email with your contact information, who you would like to speak to, the topic of the article or conversation, and what format it will appear.

Insurance, tax, and investor questions

Please email at if you have any questions or requests related to insurance, tax, investor relations, human resources, or other business operations. If it’s urgent, you may also call us at +1 (866) 266-7868 ext 2.