Data Retention Policy

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Effective: May 25, 2018

TeachBoost works with schools, districts, and other educational organizations to provide a platform to manage all aspects of their staff and educator professional development. These organizations are our “Customers” and they pay for each of their Authorized Users, like you, to access and use TeachBoost (also called the “Service”). We’ve implemented policies outlining how long we store and retain our customers’ data in order to provide the Service and fulfill our contractual obligations.

Data retention durations

Data backups and security are core features of TeachBoost and our data retention policies reflect our commitment to securing and protecting against data loss and disasters. While we hold on to customer data for business and potential regulatory reasons, our retention times are also designed to ensure that customers who may decide not to renew their TeachBoost subscription can still access their data for a commercially reasonable time and don’t lose everything should they renew some time later.

The following table outlines the methods and general durations we store various types of data we process:

Personal Information

3 years after account close

We maintain complete database backups of all customer data stored in TeachBoost from which we can restore in the event of customer data loss or accidents.

While data on the Service is deleted immediately following a customer's account termination, we keep backups for 3 years after a customer closes their account, at which point we purge them entirely.

Deletion requests may be made by the Customer and are processed within 30 days, though it may take a bit longer than that for requested data to be deleted from our entire backup array.

Please note that as detailed in our User Terms of Service, and subject to our Privacy Policy, we generally cannot honor individual user requests to delete data as customer data is owned by the Customer, not the Authorized User.

Sales and accounting data


Our financial statements, invoices, and contract databases contain customer information. We keep this data indefinitely for our own financial and audit purposes.

Sales and accounting data is not subject to deletion requests by a Customer.

Usage and aggregated data

3 years after account close

Data that we anonymize and aggregate for analytics, marketing, or other purposes ceases to be personal and will not be subject to Customer deletion requests.

Please note that these retention and deletion policies cannot apply to data that has been backed up or exported by our customers through the Service or via our data API. Even if we delete it entirely from our systems your data may still exist with the Customer.

Other considerations

Complete deletions may take some time

There may be some latency in deleting your Personal Information from our backup systems after it has been deleted from our production, development, and staging systems. We may also retain certain information as reasonably necessary to comply with our legal obligations (including law enforcement requests), resolve disputes, maintain security, prevent fraud and abuse, as well as to comply with tax, financial, securities, and other regulatory compliance requirements that may exist.

Customer requests for backups after Contract termination

If you are a Customer or authorized representative of a Customer and your Subscriptions and Contract are about to end with us, we recommend that you export your data yourself via our data export tools on the Reports page or via our data API, if applicable. If your Contract and Subscriptions have already expired and you no longer have access to TeachBoost, please email your account manager or and we’ll work with you on providing an archive of your data on TeachBoost.

Please note that we can only honor requests for data backups or exports made by the Customer or the Customer’s authorized representative. If you are an Authorized User and would like backups of your data after your account has been terminated or deprovisioned, please contact your school, district, or organization administrator and they will work with you and us on your request.